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Private Mortgage

A private mortgage is one where the Seller of a property transfers title to the Purchaser and finances the purchase by taking back a promissory note secured with a mortgage on the property. When the Seller in such a transaction does not want the responsibility associated with being a 'lender' or note servicer, Escrow Services, Inc. can fulfill these obligations. 

How We Can Help

If the Seller or Investor does not want to assume the servicing responsibilities of a lender but rather maintain a passive role, Escrow Services can fulfill both regulatory and ethical obligations, as well as provide ancillary benefits associated with the involvement of an independent third party servicer. These include:

  • Complete and accurate records of all payments
  • Monthly billing in accordance with CFPB requirements
  • ACH drafting of note or lease payments
  • ACH direct deposit of note payments to lenders/lessors
  • On line account look up
  • Optional disbursements to third parties (HOA dues, condo fees, etc.)
  • Tax and Insurance escrows
  • Providing IRS Forms 1098 & 1099, where appropriate
  • Protection of lessees on lease purchases where there is an underlying mortgage(s) by direct payment to mortgagee(s)
  • Timely and documented response to borrower inquires, payoff requests, and disputes
  • Maintenance of independent third party detailed account payment histories to:
    • Facilitate Borrower/Lessor refinancing requests
    • Enhance valuations for note investors desiring to sell notes they hold
    • Support enforcement of provisions of the note/lease obligation
  • Establishing an arms-length relationship in transactions involving friends and family or investments in mortgage notes held in pension plan accounts.


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