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Selling Your Home? Consider Holding a Bond for Deed for Investment Income

April 11 2022 | Bond for Deed Information

In today’s investment environment sellers who have no immediate need for the cash they receive out of the sale of their home are giving more and more consideration to providing seller financing, particularly to buyers with material down payments. Why? There are not many places today to get a 6+% return on your money. Is there risk? Sure, however having a property they know as collateral in a market they know, that risk for many is very manageable.  As a seller you need not be a seasoned investor or real estate expert to provide seller financing either through a Bond for Deed or private mortgage. Escrow Services can help you better understand the pros and cons of each and handle the closing quickly and professionally should you choose to offer seller financing. After the sale, Escrow Services will do the servicing for you by billing payments, holding escrow for taxes and insurance, and handling all the accounting and tax reporting. In addition, Escrow Services can facilitate converting all or part of your note or BFD equity to cash should the need to do so arises in the future. 

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